Sue & Ray Krueger Koplin

Sue and Ray bought Paradise Found (previously known as Stone Gate Ranch) from Mimi in July of 2013.

Sue on Gladiator

Sue has been riding practically all her life.

She's the business sense behind the boarding business and she's the one who'll help out with your contracts, rates and billing questions.

Sue's much more likely to be around the farm caring for the horses, riders or barn cats than to be sitting in front of a computer but somehow still manages to take care of all the CEO and accounting duties.

Justin and Ray on horseback Tenorio volcano

Ray (right) and his good friend Justin on the slopes of Tenorio Volcano in Guanacaste northern Costa Rica. Of course this has nothing to do with a horse farm in Colorado, but it's the only picture we could find of Ray on a horse.

You'll find him on the tractor, bobcat, in the shop, at a computer, or dragging irrigation dams around the property but probably not on a horse.