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Our Announcements

We try to put out important information in many formats so it's easy for you to stay up to date and informed.

Our main method of communication for important news & updates is e-mail so if you aren't on our mailing list please contact us so we can add you.

Additionally we post to facebook regularly, post on the bulletin boards in the aisles, add information and articles to this website and talk to eveyone in person when we see you in Paradise.

Your Announcements

If you've got something you'd like to announce like a horse for sale, services to offer, a great new website you discovered for horse health care or just about anything to do with horses, riding and boarding please post it on our facebook page where the number of northern Colorado horse owners and enthusiasts that like us is growing exponentially.

If you don't use facebook let us know and we will try to help. There are also bulletin boards in the aisles where you can post (okay so the one in the west run is just tacks into the wall boards but we're working on it...).

Day to Day Events

If you're looking for the schedule of daily events and lessons please use the menu at the top to find the "Arena Schedule" under the heading Facility.