Indoor Arena Schedule

How to Use the Indoor Arena Calendar

This is not a sign-up sheet and you do not need to schedule your riding. The calendar is maintained by the management and trainers so everyone can see what's going on before coming out to the barn but anyone can ride any time and everyone is expected to work respectfully together to share the arena space.

Shown on the calendar

Jumping Priority: Jumping and eventing lessons are scheduled on Tues, Thur, and Sat. so jumps will probably be set up most of the day in the indoor arena. This is not a license to leave a mess - please remove and store equipment when you're done using it.
Dressage Priority: Dressage lessons are scheduled on Wed, Fri, and Sun, so the indoor arena should be clear of jumps and poles unless all riders and trainers agree otherwise.
Youth & Beginner Priority: The majority of lessons for young riders and beginners are scheduled on Mondays. If you're a new rider Monday is a great time to ride and if you're experienced please be extra aware.

Get this Calendar on Your Phone Etc.

This is a public shared calendar and we encourage riders to add it to their phone, tablet or computer using the links below.

Most smart phones use the ical format - ICAL address
Feed readers and some applications use XML - XML address
You can also view the calendar in a web browser - HTML address