Horse Boarding Options

The standard horse boarding options and cash/check/eft pricing available at Paradise Found farm are described below. If you have special requirements or requests please let us know and we'll see what we can do about accommodating them. (please see FAQ's below)

Box Stalls

Box stalls are available with or without outdoor runs.

Box stall ~ $655 per month | turnout ~ $85 per month


Private paddocks include a fenced area of approximately 24' x 72' and a 12' x 10' shelter. Shared paddocks hold two or three horses and the fenced area and shelters are proportionally larger.

Private Paddock ~ $560 per month | Shared Paddock ~ $450 per month


A total of 9-12 pasture horse are rotated in three different areas of approximately five acres each and are penned in a 100 ft by 300 ft corral with two shelters for the night.

Pasture Board ~ $395 per month

Rates are subject to change. Inclusions are subject to change. Contracts are on a monthly basis.

The next scheduled rate change is expected to be in 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, but it costs more.

Credit card companies add a fee to every transaction so if you'd like to pay by credit card please let us know and we'll send you a link where you can securely enter your card information for the higher amount.

For example
$655.00 box stall board * 3.5% fee = $22.92
so the total for a box stall without turnout paid by credit card would be $677.92

There is no fee for payments in cash, check or by bank transfer (eft or intuit IPN invoice check)

Do you offer discounts if I clean my own stall(s)?

No, we don't offer discounts for mucking out your own stall or paddock for several reasons.

  1. It may lead to decreased quality because different people people have very different standards of what's "clean" plus it's difficult for any one person to show up 365 days a year to do a good job.
  2. It can cause animosity because it's very difficult for staff to tell someone they aren't doing a good job of taking care of their own horse.  It's even worse when their neighbors are put in a position of feeling like they need to complain.
  3. It's unfair to the scheduled staff because inevitably it leads to situations where they hear "Hey so and so won't be able to make it on Tuesday (or Tomorrow or even Today)" and the worker has to either do a quick and dirty job on six or eight to squeeze it in or skip half their lunch hour to cover the extra two or three stalls.
  4. Cleaning stalls gives the staff an opportunity to more closely observe and interact with every horse helping establish a baseline for normal behavior.  This helps us judge when something is amiss and we should make a change or alert the owners, trainer or veterinarian.

Do you reduce rates when it's too cold for turnout, etc.?

No. While we know that there are any number of ways to calculate charges including the possibility of itemizing costs and benefits per horse on a daily basis and providing a refund on the occasions that turnout is not possible due to weather or other factors we don't think it's the best approach in our case.

Carrying the itemized approach to its conclusion we might track not only turnout days but track and charge less for days when the outdoor arenas are too wet to ride, more when more blanketing is required, more hay for large horses, high winter electric bills, charge by the square foot for large tack trunks etc.

In the end the total board charged would still need to cover the cost of mortgages, utilities, hay, grain, equipment, fuel, insurance, taxes, improvements, labor, and maintenance plus the additional cost of the time associated with tracking and accounting for the itemized services.

Instead we've established the existing generalized pricing policy that doesn't charge for individual items or seasonal variations but rather charges an average for different levels of service and shelter. Although it's not totally precise it is simple, reasonable, fair and generally liked.

If my horse is gone for a while what happens?

Upon request hay and grain are available "to go" for short absences (horse shows etc.). There are no credits or discounts for short absences.

We do offer a credit for the feed that's not eaten, the shavings that aren't changed etc. during absences of several weeks or more. Of course we still have to pay the mortgage, utilities, taxes etc. so to keep an empty stall or paddock we charge 50% board to guarantee space when you return.

If you're taking your horse elsewhere for the summer, a month over the Christmas holidays etc. and do not choose to pay 50% to hold the space we will fill it with another horse and you will be given priority on the waiting list as a returning client.

Whether you're taking your horse on the road for a week, a month or longer please let us know as early as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements.

How does the waiting list work?

We're normally full so we keep a waiting list to fill spaces as they open.

Existing clients who are paying half board to hold a space during an absence are guaranteed their space when they return.

Other spaces will be offered to potential boarders in the order their name was added to the waiting list and the following list order

  1. Existing and returning clients
  2. New clients who have paid a deposit
  3. New clients who have not paid a deposit
  4. If the space is not filled by 1-3 we'll make an announcement on facebook, this website and by e-mail then meet with potential boarders on a first come first served basis.

So all existing and returning clients will be offered the space in the order their names were added to the list before any new clients who've put down a deposit and so on.